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Importance of healthy breakfast for kids

For every Hindu pooja vidhi, Panchamrit is required for Abhishek and Naivedyam or Bhog. Panchamrit is called as Panchamrutham in south India, Panchamrut in Maharashtra and Panchamrit or Charnamrit in North India.

The recipe of Panchamrit varies from place to place but the basic recipe of Panchamrit, Panchamrutham or Panchamruth is the same.

Panch means 5 and Amrit, Amrutham or Amrut means a holy drink. In Puran, Shastra and Ayurveda; it is described that Panchamrit is made up 5 nectars or ingredients in particular proportion. If it is combined in that proportion a very healthy nourishing Panchamrit is formed.

Origin of Panchamrit

The most popular mention of the drink can be traced back to Mahabharata (largest epic ever written in the history of Mankind!). In Mahabharata it is stated that the Panchamrit was perhaps one of the valuable ingredients that emerged during Samudra manthan or Ksheera sagar manthan (churning of the ocean of milk). The demons and gods who were part of the process had a very long fight in establishing their control over this amrit, because they knew that whoever had it will become immortal forever.

According to mythology, the five elements of this sweet concoction have symbolic meaning. For example – Milk represents purity and piousness and Honey depicts sweet speech and unity. (Because it is prepared jointly by bees) and Sugar represents sweetness and bliss.

Religious importance

All religious Hindu Pooja and functions are incomplete without the Panchamrit (Panchamrit Prasad). It is used as an offering during poojas (bhog prasad). It is used as a libation during Abhisheka(bathing the idols).

Key Benefits

  • Boosts physical strength.
  • Improves potency (increases shukra in the body).
  • Improves immunity.
  • Vitalizes the brain
  • Enhances intelligence, memory, grasping power, creative abilities.
  • Improves complexion as it’s considered as skin cleanser.


Panchamruham’s shelf life depends upon the climatic conditions. In winter you can keep it outside for 12 hrs but in the summer season it goes bad in few hours due to microbial issues in a tropical country like India. Since, the shelf life of panchamrit is limited, devotees find it difficult to consume it after a day. This unique and scientific product provides the age old benefits of the drink and has an extended shelf life of 6 Months. Additionally the ingredients added in this drinks come with added benefits. Thus, everybody can enjoy and relish the age old drink at their available time. It is Important to know that the drinks is free from all the artificial preservatives and colours.