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Bidada Foods Pvt Ltd

With the purpose to revive the age old recipes found in holy Indian scriptures and Ayurveda, Bidada Foods has pledged to revolutionize the health and eating habits of people. With its flagship product - Panchamrit Energy, the group is all set to redefine the way, India has seen packaged beverages.


Bidada Foods Pvt Ltd is a sister concern of the reputed and established marble group - Charbhuja Marble Group which is into retailing of the best of Indian Marbles and Imported Marble for the last 35 years, having presence in Makrana, Kishangarh, Delhi, Hyderabad, Gurgaon and Faridabad.



Kapil Bidada is the Director and visionary of Bidada Foods Pvt Ltd. Panchamrit Energy, the flagship product from Bidada Foods, is his brain child and a result of his endeavour to revive the age old Indian recipes that have proven health benefits.

Coming from the illustrious Charbhuja Marbles family, Kapil is well versed in the avenues of the Marble and Construction sector in India. He serves on the strategy development and marketing board of Charbhuja Marbles.


Necessity is the mother of all Inventions. While at the breakfast table one morning, Kapil witnessed his daughter cringing over finishing a glass of milk. This intrigued him and led him to hunt for a recipe to make milk tasty for kids while at the same time being nutritiously intact. This led to an exploration journey that ended with the inception of Panchamrit Energy. With Ingredients like Kesar, Nutmeg, Honey, Elaichi, Javitri and Tulsi, Panchamrit Energy combines health benefits of these ingredients into a tasty concoction. It not only provides the necessary nutritional content but also provides instant energy.

Way Ahead

Panchamrit Energy is India’s first Panchamrit based drink. Panchamrit has a very sacred role in India’s ancient history and mythology. Bringing this recipe and it’s proven health benefits to every household is the vision of Kapil. He plans to make Panchamrit energy a Global Brand.