Who will drink?

With an objective to improve the diet and nutritional aspect of beverages, the product Panchamrit Energy will lure the following set of audience.

  • Children (Age - 4 to 16)
  • Youth (Age - 18 to 30)
  • Nuclear Families
  • Mothers and Women (30 - 70)
  • Old Age (50 +)

A Few Words About Panchamrit Energy

Panchamrit energy brings the ancient revered recipe of Panchamrit to our doorsteps.

Packed with indegenous ingredients like tulsi, nutmeg, javitri, kesar and elaichi it combines their health benefits into a tasty concoction.

The recipe is inspired from the ancient Hindu teachings and packs the goodness of pure milk into this health drink.


A Few Words About Panchamrit Tea

The fact is that we need to adjust not just the food amount but also the food type that we eat everyday. And what we drink is a huge part of it. Unfortunately though most drinks we drink are nothing more than a blood sugar spike waiting to happen. And often we get fat on just on them. The fact is that we need to drink up every now and then, but just plain water does not cut it for us—we need taste too—so we zero in on all those pretty looking drinks and end up stacking unnecessary calories. Yes, most of those colorful guzzlers are big calorie bombs, best avoided.

From brain to heart, liver to the gut, skin to hair… Panchamrit Chai has it all covered